Teaching and Outreach

I believe that curious and eager students deserve attentive and skilled teachers. I have detailed my working teaching philosophy and tenets in this linked document.

LEGOs lend themselves well to teaching! Below is a collection of some material I put together to run outreach activities using LEGOs, and other resources I found interesting


Here was a poster summary of an activity we ran at MicroTAS 2016 in Dublin, Ireland


This chapter of my Masters Thesis summarizes several activities I ran using LEGOs as teaching tools for chemical titration with two separate setups, and for hydrodynamic design with "Battleboats"

My full thesis can be found here (free access): https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/117456

There are many other great teaching resources using LEGOs! Some of my favorites:

For chemistry concepts:

For optics:

  • http://www.myphotonics.eu/ This is nice in that it uses the great positioning ability of LEGOs to set up devices for optical demos

LEGO microscope: